How does eyelash artist choose the glue that suits him?

How does eyelash artist choose the glue that suits him?

The glue in eyelashes can be said to be a product with more types, and the choice of glue has also become a headache for many of our eyelash artists. I often hear people's reflections, why the glue doesn't stick? why does the glue dry so slowly? why does it fall off the next day after grafting? etc. In fact, these are all related to our choice of glue.

一、The type of glue

When we choose glue, the main consideration is the safety, smell, efficacy of the glue and its firmness and durability.

1. Quick-drying type: differentiated by the speed at which the glue solidifies. In comparison, the faster the glue dries, the more obvious the irritation will be.

①1 second quick-drying: refreshing texture, low viscosity, fast drying speed, suitable for high-level eyelashes and skilled eyelashes.
②1.5 seconds quick drying: the texture is refreshing, the drying speed is faster, and the irritation is less. Suitable for mid-level eyelash artists and eyelashes proficient.
③2 seconds quick-drying: refreshing texture, fast drying speed, slightly irritating, suitable for both beginners and skilled eyelashes.
④Quick-drying in 3 seconds: less irritation, odorless and non-irritating, suitable for self-grafting, eyelashes beginners, and skilled people.

2. Odorless glue: It is used by people with sensitive eyes and prone to allergies, or when grafting lower eyelashes (eye-open grafting), but the maintenance time will be relatively short, usually about two weeks.

二、The use of glue

Step 1: wake up glue

Every time you use the glue, you need to hold the bottle with your right hand and shake it around 80-100 times to fully integrate the glue. Do not use the first 2 drops of freshly opened glue.


Step 2: Drop glue

It is recommended to use glue stickers, drop glue vertically, and change frequently with less drops. It is recommended to replace it every 15-20 minutes, and replace the stickers together.
Glue delay cups can also be used to extend the use time of glue, avoid repeated glue dispensing, and save glue.

Step 3: Wipe

After the glue is used, wipe the residual glue on the bottle mouth, squeeze out the excess air, and dry the bottle mouth with a special cotton pad for eyelashes. Tighten the bottle cap and put it in a sealed box together with the desiccant and store it in a cool and dry place.

Step 4: Dispensing

It is recommended that the amount of glue taken when grafting a single hair is preferably 1/3 or not more than 1/3.

三、 Storage of glue

Glue is easily affected by humidity and temperature, so these two factors should be controlled when storing. The most suitable storage temperature is 10-25°C and the humidity is below 30%. Glue should be stored in a cool and dry place or sealed jar together with desiccant. Such storage can prolong the effective life of glue

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