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CEIBAM 15ml Lashes Super Bonder For Eyelash Extensions

CEIBAM 15ml Lashes Super Bonder For Eyelash Extensions

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-Ceibam super bonder seals the adhesive effectively – WITHOUT shock curing.

-Maximises retention by up to 30%, works With Any Adhesive, reduces sensitivity and Irritation, and the Lashes Are Safe To Get Wet Just 3 Mins Later.

-Using Super bonder you no longer need to use a Nanomister or Nebulizer at the end of the treatment!

-Our super bonder also adds elasticity to the adhesive bonding points, providing additional flexibility, thus making them seamless to touch and less prone to break. Which helps maximize retention and keeps your clients satisfied!

How to use:

1. Please wait 2 minutes once you have completed putting the glue on your eyelashes.

2. Then squeeze 1 small drop onto a microfibre brush and apply to the glue bonding position.

3. After 3 minutes later, it allows to air dry and your lashes are safe to get wet.

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